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Daily Fruit & Vegetable Blend

Think about how much healthier you'd be if you added 22 organic fruits & vegetables to your diet every day. It's time to make the switch and begin to enjoy all the benefits of improved energy, mood, skin, hair, nails, health, and overall vibrancy. Dr. Cabral uses this exact product every morning as part of his daily health protocol.

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    Looking for more energy, vibrant skin, and amazing health from the inside out?

    Dr. Cabral's Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend is the best tasting greens superfood made with 22 organic fruits & vegetables, plus added beneficial anti-aging & healing herbs!


    The vegetable, fruit, and berry ingredients are brightly colored and non-oxidized, as the powders are protected from heat, UV light and moisture from start to finish. These greens have a Paleo profile; they contain no grains, legumes, alfalfa, corn, gluten, fructose or artificial sweeteners.

    Unlike other greens products, we never add inexpensive fillers or bulking agents such as fiber, whole grasses, pectin, rice bran, and/or flax, which account for 40% to 60% of the content of most other greens products.

    Plus, using 1 TBSP of Dr. Cabral's Daily Fruit & Vegetable Blend is simple...it mixes instantly in water or in a shake without any blending needed and there's no messy clean up!


    Dr. Cabral's Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend is also gluten-free since the wheat and barley grasses are picked before they mature and seed, which means they remain gluten-free. We work closely with our manufacturer and only use certified organic growers to ensure the optimal preservation of enzymes and beneficial phytonutrients. These ingredients are harvested at their peak of potency and immediately concentrated and dried by utilizing proprietary cool-temperature processes that preserve their energetic and nutritional integrity.


    When you mix one serving of Dr .Cabral's organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend against ANY other green juice powder, you will clearly see the difference in potency. This blend is so much darker and bolder in color! The deep, rich green color comes from the oxygenated high-chlorophyll organic ingredients. These are the same nutrients your body is crying out for in order to improve your energy, skin, mood, health, and vibrancy!


    Think about how much healthier you'd be if you added 22 organic fruits & vegetables to your diet every day. It's time to make the switch and begin to enjoy the benefits of adding Dr. Cabral's Daily Fruit & Vegetable Blend to your daily diet! Dr .Cabral uses this exact product every morning as part of his daily health protocol.



    • Family First

      Every product on this website was formulated with the mindset that my family and I would be using each nutritional supplement.

      When you go into a product formulation knowing that your own family and children will use these products it ensures there will never be any compromise…

      Plus, I want only the best for my online community and private practice clients. And, since people come to me for results after failing many times in the past, I have to know that every one of these products are truly the best of the best and will help people on their healing journey…


      Functional Medicine Formulations

      It’s important to understand that not all nutritional supplements are created equal.

      For example, in a Functional Medicine practice only methylated or highly bio-available vitamins and minerals will be used in order to make it easy for the body to utilize.

      Not only do these formula get better results, but they do not build up as toxins in the body or simply get excreted in the urine like most cheaper forms… 


      Zero Compromise Policy

      I made a promise to myself when I first started formulating the Equilibrium Nutrition line that I would not compromise on quality…

      Even if a product cost me a few more dollars, I would take any shortcuts in order to make a product for less.

      This has enabled Equilibrium to set itself apart even in the Functional Medicine community as a leader in the best ingredients used.


      GMP Certified

      Besides never compromising on using the highest quality ingredients available when formulating our nutritional supplements, I make sure that each batch is 3rd Party tested for contaminants like:

      • Heavy metals
      • Mold
      • Bacteria
      • Impurities
      • Standard dosages

      This then allows me to be confident when consuming these products myself and knowing that the dosages are what is stated on the bottle.

      Again, this leads to better user results and happier customers and wellness clients!


      Consistency & Freshness

      Another way in which the Equilibrium Nutrition supplement line sets itself apart as the leader in the industry is by always producing fresh orders every couple of months.

      Our products do not sit in warehouses for over a year…

      Instead we maintain freshness with smaller continuous batch orders along with climate controlled fulfillment centers.

      This guarantees purity, freshness, and taste.

      This is a difference you can both see and taste with every bottle!

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    • My "Empty Bottle" 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      Since I know you’re going to absolutely love and see & feel the difference by using the Equilibrium Nutrition supplement line I’ve formulated for my private practice, my family, and online community I'm happy to offer you my “Empty Bottle Guarantee!

      This means if you don’t see or feel the results you were looking for, or just don’t believe this was the absolute best product in its class that you’ve ever used, simply ship back the empty bottles, within 60 days of your purchase, for 100% of your product purchase price (not including S&H).

      My team and I firmly believe in putting our clients and customers first, and we only want the best for you in your wellness, weight loss & anti-aging goals!

      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed