Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions about becoming an Equilibrium Nutrition (EN) ambassador.


Those completing our Integrative Health Practitioners (IHP) Level 1 or Level 2 Certification course or who are a Faster Way to Fat Loss health coach or member will be automatically approved.  

Please be sure to select these applicable check boxes when you fill out the application form.

If you are not a member of either of these groups, these are some general requirements we look for in an ambassador:

    - A health professional, i.e. a health coach, fitness professional or other health influencer, actively working with clients.

    - Active on social media, with a highly engaged audience.

Please go to: to fill out and submit an application form. Once approved, you will receive an email with your unique affiliate link and sign in details for our affiliate platform called Refersion.

If you are an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) student enrolled in the certification course and do not yet have your website or social accounts active, not to worry! Simply type "N/A" in those related fields, but be sure to check that box indicating you are part of IHP.

For all others, as part of the application process, we do like to ensure you will be promoting our brand and products appropriately. If you do not include the links when you apply, we may need to reach out for additional information to ensure you meet the requirements. 

   - 20% for most Equilibrium Nutrition products

   - 10% for lab tests (excluding genetic testing)

For Faster Way to Fat Loss health coaches and members:

   - 10% for co-branded FWTFL products 

Unfortunately the system is set up only to recognize when clients have used your unique link and then provide you with credit/commision for the sale. It is not set up with the option to provide your commission rate as a discount.

Those who do not wish to make a profit on the products however are welcome to use creative ideas to give back to their clients! For example, we have had ambassadors save their commissions and use the money earned to purchase products that can then be used for client giveaways etc. 

When your application is approved, you will receive an email containing your unique affiliate link as well as details on how to log into Refersion, the system we use for our ambassador/affiliate program.

When you login, you will have access to a personalized dashboard, which will provide information including your latest conversions, payouts and more.  

Each time a client makes a purchase through your unique link, it will show up in the Refersion system as a conversion. Conversions may take up to 61 days to be approved to account for our standard return window, however Equilibrium Nutrition experiences a less than 1% return rate!

Once your conversions are approved, they will be processed in accordance with our processing schedule, which is every other Friday. This means when you have a conversion that is approved, it may take up to 2 weeks for your payout to be processed.

You can see the status of your sales anytime through your Refersion dashboard. 

The Refersion system you will be using is integrated exclusively with PayPal. Payments are processed solely using this method, which means you will need to create a PayPal account and enter your associated PayPal email address in the Refersion system in order to receive payment on your conversions. 

The refersion system will automatically provide you with a unique link to the main Equilibrium Nutrition store. Each link contains a code at the end.

Example: Click here

To direct clients to an individual product or other private page, you will need to ensure your unique code is attached to the link. The Refersion system can help you create these links. Watch this quick video for instructions (may require Adobe Flash player).

You can also simply copy your unique code, starting at the "?" and tag it on to the end of any page you would like to send your clients to. 

Unfortunately your unique link is the only way we are able to track your sales and therefore the commission you are owed. If your clients do not use your link to shop, we will not be able to provide payment on those sales. 

No. This is a commision based program, meaning you earn payments for product purchased that are associated with the unique tracking link you share. There is no product discount associated with your link.

That said, Equilibrium Nutrition will from time to time offer promotions. When that happens, we will share the promotion details with you and you can pass the offer on to your clients by creating a link to the offer page.

See the above FAQ “How do I create additional links to individual product pages?” for instructions on how to do this. 

We understand that sharing a code instead of a link can be helpful, especially to those who are active on social media. Unfortunately, at this time, we are only able to provide links. Please check back as we work to add this capability in the future.

As an alternative option, your dashboard will also provide you with an option to shorten your affiliate link using 

Congratulations on being approved. To facilitate the Ambassador affiliate program we are using a platform called Refersion.

Refersion supplies you with a unique tracking link that has a special code just for you attached to the end of our regular Equilibrium Nutrition online store.

How it works

You will send this unique link to your friends, family and clients. When they click the link they will be “cookied” by Refersion which means no matter where they navigate to on the website, they will be tagged with your code.

Once they make a purchase, that sale will show up in the “Conversions” tab in your Refersion Dashboard (please allow up to 24 hours). Conversions will be approved in approximately 61 days, with payouts processed shortly after (see FAQ on conversions and payouts).

It is important to understand that the Refersion system will only track people through your unique link. Anyone using your link will need to have cookies enabled on their web browser in order for Refersion to track a purchase. You can have them check this in their web browser settings.

Please also be cautious when sharing your link via the Facebook Messenger app. It is common for this specific application to break URLs which means your tracking code may be cut off. We advise using the shortened link for sharing in this app. Sharing your full link on Facebook in a post etc. generally does not have the same issue.

From the time they click your link, and for the next 60 days, anytime that person makes a purchase, it will be credited to you.

Here is a great article about understanding your Refersion Dashboard.  

When you log in to your Affiliate Dashboard in Refersion, you will see an account summary, including an area that says “Commission in Approval”. This provides a snapshot of your pending commissions owed.

There is also a tab called “Conversions”. Click on this tab to see all the sales you’ve generated.

Additionally, there is a tab called “Payment Status” so you can see what sales you’ve been paid commission on so far.

Here is an article about understanding your Affiliate Dashboard which also includes more information on how to run reports for your account. 

If your affiliate account in Refersion is active and someone made a purchase by clicking on your link, you should see that sale show up under your “Conversions” tab when you log into your Affiliate Dashboard.

Here is an article on understanding your Affiliate Dashboard that shows you where your Conversions tab is.

If it has been more than 24 hours and you have not seen anything show up for a purchase you know was made, the most common issue is related to website “cookies”.

When someone clicks on your unique link, they become “cookied”, which means your code is now attached to them and will follow them around as they browse the Equilibrium Nutrition website, through to checkout.

However, if you or your clients have cookies disabled, the link will not be able to be connected back to the purchase. We recommend having you and your clients check to make sure cookies are enabled. You can find this within your web browser’s settings.

Please also be cautious when sharing your link via the Facebook Messenger app. It is common for this specific application to break URLs which means your tracking code may be cut off. We advise using the shortened link for sharing in this app. Sharing your full link on Facebook in a post etc. generally does not have the same issue.

If you have checked to ensure cookies are on and your link has not been broken through sharing, please email with the order number in question so we can look into that further for you.    

Anytime your client makes a purchase using your unique tracking link, the Refersion system will track them for the next 60 days.

If they do opt in to Equilibrium Nutrition communications and make a purchase from an email that was sent or by going to our website directly, as long as they have clicked your link in the last 60 days, the credit for that sale will be applied to you.

This means that you will get paid commissions even when you let us communicate a promotion for you! Just be sure you are also sending your own communications so they click your link regularly.  

Yes. Right now, a consultation comes complimentary with the purchase of a lab, so your client will receive that with the purchase. 

When you click on your unique tracking link, you will likely see the full link with your code in your web browser for a short time. However, as soon as you navigate away from that page it will disappear. That is totally normal. The Refersion system is still tracking your activity even if your code doesn’t appear. 

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