Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions about becoming an Equilibrium Nutrition (EN) ambassador.


To grab your unique tracking link from TUNE, please log in and navigate over to the offers tab on the left of the screen: 

Once you're on the browse/search page, click on the Name of the offer you would like to grab the link for: 

This will take you to the offer details, where you can find your unique ambassador link: 

As you can see, there are options to Customize Your Tracking Link below. To Deep Link to a specific product page, click Add Deep Link and add the entire link (including the https://) and click the add button. This will dynamically update your tracking link: 

As you can see, this creates for a very lengthy tracking link. To generate a TinyURL, simply check the box for Generate TinyURL. Your link is now ready to be placed:  

Those completing our Integrative Health Practitioners (IHP) Level 1 or Level 2 Certification course will be automatically approved.  
Please be sure to select these applicable check boxes when you fill out the application form.
If you are not a member of either of these groups, these are some general requirements we look for in an ambassador:
    - A health professional, i.e. a health coach, fitness professional or other health influencer, actively working with clients.
    - Active on social media, with a highly engaged audience. 

Please go to to fill out and submit your application. Once approved, you will receive an email with login information and further details from TUNE, our affiliate platform. 

For company name please enter your first and last name if you do not have a company. If you are an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) student enrolled in the certification course and do not yet have your website or social accounts active, not to worry! Simply type "N/A" in those related fields but be sure to check that box indicating you are part of IHP.

For all others, as part of the application process, we do like to ensure you will be promoting our brand and products appropriately. If you do not include the links when you apply, we may need to reach out for additional information to ensure you meet the requirements.  

20% on all Supplements

10% on all Labs

20% on all Subscription Orders for the First Order

10% on All Recurring Subscription Orders!! Coming Summer of 2019!

Unfortunately, the system is set up only to recognize when clients have used your unique link and then provide you with commission for the sale. It is not set up with the option to provide your commission rate as a discount.
Those who do not wish to make a profit on the products however are welcome to use creative ideas to give back to their clients! For example, we have had ambassadors save their commissions and use the money earned to purchase products that can then be used for client giveaways etc.  

Please login to your account in TUNE where you have access to a personalized dashboard with a real-time, aggregated snapshot of your previous 7 days activity.  You can also download a standard Conversion report with information such as conversion and payout amounts, payout dates and number of conversions. 

Each time someone makes a purchase through your unique link, it will show up in TUNE as a conversion. Conversions are “Locked” as sales on the 61st day after the sale was made. This accounts for our standard 60-day return window.  “Locked” sales are payable as commission on the following Monday after the ”lock” date via PayPal. At any time, you can also see the status of your conversions, payouts earned and payout date through the downloadable Conversion report in your TUNE dashboard.  

TUNE is integrated with PayPal and all commission payments are made via PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, please enter your PayPal email address in the designated field of the Program Application.  If you do not have a PayPal account, please create one and then enter your PayPal email address in the designated field of the Program Application. 

TUNE has a simple to use Deep Linking function within your dashboard. Sending personalized recommendations via deep links for product pages is just a few clicks away. 

We do not recommend using your unique link on any social media platform. Please note that they get appended by the platforms because they are too long and do not track properly as a result. However, TUNE does allow you to use TinyURL for foolproof Social Media tracking, which is available in your dashboard. With one click of the mouse, you can create a TinyURL to post on all the major social media platforms. 

Please note that your unique link is the only way we can track your sales and the commission payouts you earn. If someone forgets to use your link to shop, we will unfortunately not be able to provide payment on those sales.  

Unfortunately, no. This is a commission-based program, meaning you earn commission for product purchases that are associated with the unique tracking link you share. 

Currently, we do not offer a code to use at check-out to track your sales. However, we will offer this functionality in the summer of 2019. 

Congratulations on being approved! To manage the Ambassador affiliate program, we are using a platform called TUNE. TUNE will email you login details. Please login in to your dashboard to access your unique tracking link.
How it works 

TUNE uses Postback URL conversion tracking (also called cookie-less tracking or Server to Server tracking) to track sales, which are referred to as “Conversions” in TUNE. This is the most reliable method to track conversions and does not require cookies to be enabled on a browser. With Postback tracking, if the customers cookie gets cancelled, restricted by their browser or expires, conversions can still be tracked using the Transaction ID. Please note that all this tracking technology happens in the background and requires no interaction on your behalf.

After logging in to TUNE, you will be taken to the dashboard screen. In the upper left corner, beneath “My Account”, click on “Offers” and then click on “Live Offers”. On the “Live Offers” page, click on the “Equilibrium Nutrition Ambassador Affiliate Offer” URL. This takes you to “Your Tracking Link” panel where you can:

- Copy your unique URL

- Generate TinyURL links to post to all social media channels

- Add Deep Links to specific product pages to recommend

You are now ready to

- Email your Unique Link

- Email or Text your TinyURL

- Post your TinyURL on all social media,

- Deep Link product recommendations and

- text your TinyURL to everyone. 

You can login to TUNE anytime to track and run standard and easily customizable real-time reports with a few clicks of a button.  You can view your conversions, payouts earned, payout date and many other metrics from a menu. Please note that conversions are “locked” on the 61st day after the conversion was made and paid out via PayPal on the following Monday. This accounts for our 60-day return policy with an industry leading under 1% return rate!

It’s also important to note that every time someone makes a purchase, they must use the link that you sent them! 

When you log in to TUNE, you will see your “Dashboard”, including an area called “Quick Stats: Last 7 Days”. This provides an aggregated 7-day snapshot of Clicks, Conversions, Payout and YTD Payout.

For a more granular look at your conversions, navigate to the “Reports” icon in the upper-left corner and click on “Conversion Report”. Here is where you can:

- Run custom reports by date

- Add different “Report Options” like Sale Amount and Device OS

- Custom name and save your reports in the “Save Report” drop down menu  

If your affiliate account in TUNE is active and someone made a purchase by clicking on your link, you should see that conversion show up in your dashboard when you log into your account.

Here’s how to test your tracking link. After logging in, in the upper left corner, beneath “My Account”, click on “Offers” then click on “Live Offers”. On the “Live Offers” page, click on the “Equilibrium Nutrition Ambassador Affiliate Offer” URL. This takes you to “Your Tracking Link” panel where you can:

- Copy your unique link

Go back to your dashboard and note the number of clicks. Paste your link into a new browser window and click on it. Go back to your dashboard and see if the click was tracked.

If your link is working, and you still do not see the conversion, please email with the Order Number or Transaction ID in question so we can investigate the issue further.    

The goal of our newsletters is to introduce our latest products and promotions. By creating product awareness, it is our intent to assist you in your communication and merchandising efforts with your constituents. It is always important to remind your customers, that they purchase through your link. While there is no way currently to track sales that do not occur through your links, we are working on enhanced technologies for release later in 2019.