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I started taking at the first sight of gray hair. :)

Destroyer of Worms

Used for my whole family. Within three weeks I saw the results. Didn’t even know I had parasites (no symptoms) but now I will not let a year pass without taking this protocol.

Great help for my immune system

Taste isn’t amazing, but on the level of eating a regular grapefruit. I used for three weeks and it was worth it during the flu season


For several months I’ve used Protocol Level 1, but after moving to Level 3- I hope to never go back!

Part of my new routine

I’m in process of gaining my health back and though I’m purchasing the larger protocols as I’m financially able- this is the best place to start. Giving my body a little boost each day and feeling stronger because of it!

Dr. Cabral Detox

Love allll these products!!

Great product

Tasteless and easily stirs and blends into coffee, smoothies, etc.

So worth it.

The chocolate actually tastes good! I found this detox to be very doable and felt so good during and after. The first two days are definitely a challenge, but my body and mind felt amazing knowing I was being nourished and detoxified. Do it when you feel truly ready/have some support. Just be careful about the day after the detox is done! Let this be a great jumpstart into a healthier lifestyle.

Great Product!

This product has been my morning go to for high quality mvi, phase 1 liver detox nutrients, protein, antioxidants, etc! I really do love this product and love the fact that the quality is top notch! Highly recommend!

So far, So great!

I'm following the plan and oh boy is it working. Cabral continues to amaze me. I also ordered the Daily Thyroid Support and Estrogen Balance, and got the free Vitamin D3! #Winning Can't wait to reap all the good results. Already feeling great.

There is hope.

I received the Fatlossity three days ago and it is already working for the first time in years that i slept from 9 through until 5:30 am. I am bursting with energy I can not believe the result. Three years ago, i was diagnosed with pre diabetes but I fix the A1C part but I still woke up at least 10 times a night to urinate. I tried everything, diet ,exercise , yoga , paleo, almost paleo . nothing work. I am so happy and look forward to my new normal. Maybe I can go camping with my family this year. Thank you


I believe this product will work very well for me and as a Monthly subscriber I believe it should come with FREE shipping. Sorry to say, it dose not!

Daily Foundation protocol

Love it. Easier to take pills


I was nervous about starting this program, but it is easy to follow and the videos and guides are a huge help. In my first week I’ve already noticed several marked improvements in my energy levels, my mood, and my sleep quality.

I’m excited to see what other positive changes comes about in my life and well-being from continued use of this wonderful program.

So far so good!

Only been using it for a week and I have a lot more energy.

Great so far!

Great information and guidelines very easy to follow including the menu plan enjoying it so far!


I love this gut support. It is the best one I have tasted. I have tried other brands in the past but gave up on them because I could not handle the taste. When I first got this one I just added it directly to my Daily Nutritional Support shake. But then I read people where raving about the flavor. THEY ARE RIGHT!! It is amazing!! I just add to water and drink it. So good!!

The best detox I have done in my 49 years!

I have done this detox twice and I always feel so amazing and energized upon completion. I reached my then goal weight not to mention when I was severely ill with the worst gut bacteria you can get, this shake literally kept me alive and nourished when I could not eat. I love all these products!!

Love both of these products!

Loving the DNS and fruit and veggie blend! Great way to start my day.

Great detox experience

I did this for health not weight loss but still lost 4 pounds. Best thing is it has not made me tired. I feel great and think I can sustain better eating habits.

Interesting lab

The results from this lab are very interesting to see. My only complaint is if the test shows food allergies all over the map, and you know there is an issue, that the health coach reviewing the results with you would be positive. Less of, your gut is wrecked and more of, you can fix this with putting in the work.

You Need This!!!

This set is the best! The blue blocker glasses are game changer! I sleep better! The dry brushes have changed my skin, my lymphatic system and has relaxed me! The smoothie cup is perfect with the detox and I love the two small cups for more powder on the go and also the spot for supplements! But the top thing in the box is the tongue scrapper! I’m obsessed! I use it first thing in the AM and right before I brush at night! It’s awesome!!

Stress is my new first name!

Stress is a constant in my life and much of it is out of my control. I have been taking adrenal soothe for well over a year now along with thyroid support and my inflammation is improved but more importantly, I am finally sleeping again!!! Couldn’t recommend more for those with high stress in their life!

It all adds up!

I didn’t even know I was zinc deficient until I received my test results. But after 90 days of faithful use, I feel my energy coming back!

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