Day 5

This is when the fun starts...

Day 5 is considered our Dr. Cabral Detox "hump day."

You've already completed 2 whole food meal days and after today you only have 2 to go...

So Day 5, is that intermediary middle ground where your strong foundation is still being forged.


Today's an important day to get right.

And luckily, we like to keep things simple...

Shake for breakfast.

Vegetarian lunch of protein, a healthy fat, and two big handfuls of veggies.

A shake during that mid-afternoon lull...

And then a delicious "Phase 1" (Fatlossity® term) dinner of vegetarian/animal/fish protein, a healthy fat, and more antioxidant packed, hunger-crushing vegetables.


Make It Easy for Yourself

Behind the scenes the entire formulation of the Dr. Cabral Detox is quite complicated, but on the outside we love simplicity.

You're eating every 3.5-4 hours, your shakes and meals are packed with nutrients that your body is soaking up, and because of this you can literally just sit back and enjoy the results!

It really can be this simple ; )

Now of course, I'm not saying this week's style of eating is "easy," but I do hope you're finding its simplicity liberating in the fact that the detox regimen creates a routine that allows you to focus less brain energy (stress) on figuring out what to eat and worrying if it's a "good or bad choice..."

The bottom line is you're stronger than you thought you were and your resolve to complete the detox is paying off!

You're going to love your results.


Which brings me to your transition...


My goal is to ensure that this 7 days becomes a springboard to greater things for you.

I don't want your results to stop here.

There's always more to achieve and whether your goals are wellness based or weight loss, I want you to take them to that next level.

And believe it or not, this process is much easier than you think...

(You've already done the hard work!)


Keep the Results Coming

Many people are asking how to maintain these great results and create even more - Again, I like to keep things simple.

(Simple leads to consistency/compliancy, which leads to long-term results...)


You Have 2 Options


You can continue on with the Dr. Cabral Detox for another 7 or 14 days. (If ordered today, it ships right out tomorrow.)

If you choose the 14 or 21-Day total detox, then you can either start each week again with 1-2 shake fast days, or simply continue on with the Days 3-7 meal plan eating method for the next 7-14 days.

Easy right?

Many of my clients test the waters with the first 7 days and then decide they want the full benefit of adding another 7-14 days.

The 21-Day Detox (with or without the 1-2 shake fast days each week) really does get you the maximum benefits and results.

In my opinion, and as someone that has essentially tried and tested everything, I know there is no other humanly way possible to get faster results naturally.

(This is why I am the only person I know of to guarantee my method.)


2nd Option


The 2nd option is to simply continue on using the Daily Detox Shake for breakfast everyday (or most days). The afternoon shake is optional.

For daily use after the Dr Cabral Detox, you would not be using the FM or AYU detox capsules and you could add animal protein or fish back at lunch if desired.

Plus, if your goal isn't to lose more weight you can add berries, greens, and other fun healthy items to your AM smoothie, as well as some sweet potatoes, rice, and other whole gluten-free starches to your lunch and possibly dinner.


This Is Proven to Work

The majority of my wellness and weight loss clients maintain their results using the exact method I just described.

They simply complete the 7, 14, or 21-Day Detox and then continue on with 1-2 smoothies per day using the Daily Detox Shake.


Because it's simple and it keeps them right where they want to be.

After the detox they can have a cheat meal or two per week and they just maintain a healthy daily nutrition plan as described above.

This is what I consider real world healthy living.

You don't have to perfect, but you do need a daily solid foundation...


It's Always Your Choice

Of course I want you to do what you feel is best for you - but speaking from experience I also know that some people can slide backwards without some type of structure...

Just think about what you want and then make the best choice that you believe gives you the best chance of long-term success.

Day 6 is tomorrow and that means you'll be less than 48 hours until your 7-Day Detox is compete...

Until then stay strong!


Stephen Cabral, ND
Board Certified Naturopath


If you want to upgrade your results and add another 7 or 14 days to your detox just click the link below.

Click here to add a 7-Day Detox

Click here to add a 14-Day Detox


To learn more or order the All-in-One Daily Detox Shake by itself click below:

Daily Detox Shake
* If you're in the Greater Boston Area, simply stop by, say hello, and visit Cabral Wellness Institute to purchase all products the same day (closed Sunday).

Thank you for your trust and I look forward to hearing your success story soon!

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